strategic Plan

We are so glad you have an interest in our school strategic plan!  Here is a brief overview of our plan.  If you would like to see the plan in full or have any questions contact Ms. Carpenter at Fairplain Elementary.

Vision Statement: To equip our students with the skills and mindset to reach their full potential and to become life long learners.

Mission Statment: Fairplain Elementary School's mission is to create a learning environment, where students basic needs are met in order to engage them and create an environment for the whole learner. This will give students the necessary skills to be successful in a global society.

Goals: Fairplain elementary will develop a open line of communication with parents who's child is missing school. we will increase student learning by sending assignments home for students to complete when absent,, so that they do not miss out on development of skills. Fairplain Elementary will utilize the BOY benchmark data for all classes to monitor typical annual growth in both math and reading. THen use this data to increase student performance on all benchmarking for the 2023-2024 school year. Fairplain elementary will develop a safe and positive learning environment, that allows all students to learn and have the opportunity to grow as a studet and a global citizen.